About us...

Green Goose Education Ltd. is an institution designed to provide the necessary support to families who see the need for their sons and daughters to reach an excellent English level. This support is provided by offering temporary school programs of various durations to children in a foreign country.


Being aware and sensitive of the economic difficulties that we live in and driven by this concern, Green Goose would like to offer affordable language programs for families with an added value: the confidence and security that your son/daughter is in very good hands.


Currently, we offer two different programs to learn and improve English in Ireland: "School & Home", aimed at boys and girls enrolled in 5th, 6th elementary school year and year 1 of Spanish compulsory secondary education.


In addition, we offer two university programs, "Work experience " and "Work experience Plus", intended for young people aged 17 to 22 years old who wish to have a work experience in the English language.


After many years of experience and dealing with many families, Green Goose wants not only to ensure that the student is provided with the best environment to learn the English language, but, in addition, to help him mature as a human being through this experience away from home. In the case of schooling, we provide continuous support to the student while reporting weekly to their parents and, where appropriate, to the Spanish School also.


In both programs, the participant experiences a language immersion with a homestay in Tipperary, Clare, Limerick, Kilkenny and Waterford counties.



Green Goose Education Ltd. team in Spain is made up of us two, Mikel Echevarría and Álvaro Guinea, teachers of elementary and secondary education. We are, both of us, siblings, born in Bilbao and presently settled in Madrid. We are passionate about values and value education for young people.


We have had opportunity to practice English and work in the USA, Australia, UK and Ireland when we were younger, and we would like youngsters to have the same experience we’ve had. It is, no doubt about it, the perfect age for acquiring the best base and language pronunciation.


We would like our participants to enjoy, learn and grow in maturity level while immersed in this program.

Our team in Ireland


We have a team of local agents in Ireland, who have been in the education field for many years. They are our closest partners.


Our agents know personally and meet with families, employers and school heads. They are well known in their communities and respected in the overall region.


They are hardworking people highly reputed and worth our full confidence. 


They have a wealth of experience in student exchanges and know how to take care of our participants in detail.

Our Company GREEN GOOSE EDUCATION Ltd. is a legally established entity in the Republic of Ireland.


Registration number 568244.


We are supported by M&G Consulting in relation to all legal and regulatory affairs.